Community Centered Decision Making

Actively engages the people who live and work in our communities to influence and shape our utilities’ decisions

TFC Utilities strives to become a trusted energy partner by achieving the goals of our individual customers and the communities we serve. We solicit their ideas and respond to their feedback through multiple avenues. We take actions based on their decisions. We partner with our regulators – the lead members of responsive governing bodies whose overarching objective is to assure reliable universal service at the lowest practical cost to consumers.

Embraces Regulators As Partners

We work together to deploy customer facing technologies in a manner that benefits all consumers, including non-participants


Places Customer Interests at the Heart of Corporate Decisions

We take actions based on what’s right for our customers


Engages in Transparent and Meaningful Dialogue with Customers

We leverage the best multimedia technologies to communicate with customers



We work together to deploy customer facing technologies in a manner that benefits all consumers, including non-participants

Only a regulated platform enables the ability to comprehensively plan and deploy advanced generation, grid optimization and customer facing energy management investments in an organized, low cost fashion. And only a single source provider can assure that resources are well managed to minimize societal costs and environmental impact of energy production and consumption.

TFC Utilities strongly believes that regulators should have a substantive role in crafting and implementing our utilities’ investment portfolio during the planning stage. We provide a seat at the table in designing our system as well as directing and guiding our activities and initiatives. TFC Utilities’ business model is designed for collaboration with regulators and customers and is premised on our belief that:

  • Regulated utilities can be adaptive, innovative, value-creating enterprises that benefit society;
  • New and impactful technologies and services can provide the best possible customer outcomes at the lowest possible cost; and
  • Regulators and customers share a common objective of achieving clean, reliable energy at the lowest possible costs to society.

Because grid level investments are still required, our model will continue to invest in these assets through the traditional rate base.  What’s different is that through the Million Rate Base model we can decrease the number of these assets by increasing customer facing energy resources and efficient technologies at the point of consumption.

Moreover, this model enables customers to choose their own service provider from the utility’s prequalified vendor program while still receiving the utility’s low cost financing and convenient monthly billing.

The Million Rate Base™ model enables regulators to facilitate the expansion of customer facing, clean energy resources, energy saving devices and energy efficient technologies in a manner that benefits all customers within the service territory.


We take actions based on what’s right for our customers

TFC Utilities’ guiding philosophy originated three decades ago when our Managing Partner, Larry Kellerman, worked for legendary utility CEO, Bill Gould of Southern California Edison. Mr. Gould’s motto was “We are going to take actions and make decisions that are the best for our customers. Over time, we hope and expect our regulators to notice the results we are achieving for customers and will reward us with a premium rate of return. But, we’re going to do the right things for our customers whether we are rewarded or not.”

At TFC Utilities, we continue to embrace this philosophy across every aspect of our company. We strive to do the very best for our customers in driving down costs and delivering a positive customer experience, even if that means a near term reduction in utility revenues.

We act in this manner because it is the right thing to do for our customers, and we believe that our regulators will, over time, recognize our actions and reward our utilities accordingly.


We leverage the best multimedia technologies to communicate with customers

At TFC Utilities, we ensure that our customers have a powerful voice in determining how our utilities operate. We believe in open and continuous dialogue through multiple avenues, and our utilities actively solicit and implement customer feedback.

In addition to consulting with community leaders, our utilities leverage the best multimedia technologies to directly engage with customers. Our interactive web and mobile platforms continually provide engaging videos and articles to inform customers about current initiatives, while giving voice to customer opinions through advanced polling and commenting features.

At TFC Utilities, our objective is to set a new industry standard for placing the customer’s interests first, and we will execute against that goal across every aspect of our business.