Transformational Technologies

Leads the industry into a clean and efficient future with advanced energy technology solutions tailored to customer preferences

As we bring innovative and transformational customer facing technologies to market, we hope to serve as a beacon that leads the industry into a clean and efficient future with solutions that deliver the best economic and functional results for customers.

Drives Adoption of Technologies That Address Customer Needs

The Utility Evolves from Electricity Provider to Trusted Energy Partner


Evaluates and Deploys New Technologies to Create a Twenty First Century Power System

Creates a Positive Case Study for the Entire Industry


Qualifies Technologies and Manages Vendors

Ensures High Quality, Low Cost and Guaranteed Performance throughout the Technology Lifecycle



The Utility Evolves from Electricity Provider to Trusted Energy Partner

We work closely with our customers (industrial, commercial and residential) to create “mass-customized” solutions that directly address their objectives.

For example, after performing an energy audit for a customer in the hospitality industry, we might recommend the following suite of technologies, which would be installed by the utility’s subcontractors, to help reduce consumption and cost in their hotels:

  • Commercial energy management systems to shift demand and manage overall consumption
  • Room occupancy sensors that control thermostats and lighting to reduce energy consumption without affecting guest comfort
  • New high efficiency HVAC systems to replace outdated and inefficient systems
  • Replacing standard motors on existing HVAC systems with variable speed drivers to enhance efficiency and reduce maintenance costs
  • Replacing ballasts, fixtures and lighting systems in all common areas with the state of the art T-8 energy efficient systems

By leveraging our Million Rate Base™ model, the hotel chain would significantly reduce its energy bill and improve operational efficiency at no upfront cost, adding value to its properties and business. This scenario would also result in an attractive, highly scalable, regulated investment by the utility.

At TFC Utilities, innovation means creating these types of customized programs and practices to meet the specific needs of our customers at the lowest possible cost.

In short order, our utilities will evolve from simply being an electricity provider to becoming a trusted energy partner to our customers. By advising on and investing in customer facing technologies, we will provide the maximum level of customer visibility and control over their energy production, consumption and cost, as well as their environmental footprint.


Creates a Positive Case Study for the Entire Industry

The process of transforming our utilities into highly optimized power systems will never be complete, as new customer and societal needs arise, and new technologies emerge. At TFC Utilities, our objective is to always be receptive to these changes and proactive in designing the best power system that integrates the latest and greatest technologies to solve new societal challenges.

We will selectively test innovative technologies even if they benefit only a few of our customers today, but have promise to deliver substantial benefits to many customers in the future. For example, TFC Utilities would proactively deploy electric vehicle charging stations even if there are only a few hundred customers driving electric cars in our service territory. That’s because we believe that by adding charging stations in prime locations, we can help increase electric car adoption over time by a significantly larger customer base.

Our Million Rate Base™ model enables TFC Utilities to take actions like these with low risk because these technologies do not involve large-scale central station investments where each asset costs millions or billions of dollars. Each of our targeted “Million Rate Base” assets would entail discrete investments measured in the thousands or tens of thousands of dollars, thereby dramatically reducing systemic financial risk.

As we bring innovative technologies to market and provide solutions that deliver the best results for our customers, we hope to create a positive case study that leads the entire industry into a clean and efficient future.


Ensures High Quality, Low Cost and Guaranteed Performance throughout the Technology Lifecycle

TFC Utilities will qualify technologies and manage vendors to provide our customers with the optimal menu of technology options at the lowest practical prices.

As a regulated utility with millions of customers, TFC Utilities can expect and demand the highest standards from technology vendors in order to become a member of our Million Rate Base program.

These standards include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Lowest cost per unit – since our utilities are purchasing these technologies by the thousands, we can negotiate with vendors to provide the lowest possible price compared to standard commercial options
  • Comprehensive warranties – our utilities negotiate with technology vendors for comprehensive warranties on products and installation to provide a positive experience for customers throughout the technology lifecycle
  • Excellent credit – our utilities guarantee that technology vendors have the economic viability required to develop, install and warranty their products
  • Superior customer service – our utilities continually test the customer service programs offered by technology vendors to guarantee prompt and professional service for our customers